Are you with an escort agency?

No, I am a fully independent escort, not affiliated with any agencies. It is yours truly who is responding to your online queries, emails, texts and phone calls!

Therefore, please be understanding if I do not respond immediately. I may be with a client, with family, at the gym.. even sleeping! It is unusual for me to be offended by any request, so, if you have not had a response from me within 48hrs feel free to send me a nudge, follow up text/email and remind me of my tardiness! I promise I will be apologetic x

Do you do bareback and/or BBBJ?

Under no circumstances will I engage in unsafe sex, so please do not ask, the answer will be a firm no. I take my health - and your health - very seriously.

The same applies for blow jobs without a condom (BBBJ).

STD's can be transmitted via oral sex and symptoms (particularly for men) may not always be present however, the virus most certainly is! And not all are treatable (google "antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea" if you feel inclined!

So therefore, be assured, I give a mind blowing CBJ!!!

Do you see female clients or couples?

I most certainly do! I am genuinely bisexual and love having sex with both women and men. If your wife/partner/girlfriend/friend with benefits wants to play, by all means!

I am very experienced with couples and I often it is the females first time with another female. So whilst it is also most often the female who instigates the meeting (I love that), it is of course understandable that she (or you both) may be nervous. If this is the case, let me know, I want to make sure I do my best to ease your nerves so you can get lost in the moment...

Oh and gentleman, please don't be jealous if I give your other half a little more attention to begin with, particularly if your partner is a little nervous.. You never know, you may just enjoy watching....  ;)

What can I expect in the booking?

Well, what would you like to expect...?! The time is yours!! ;)

Firstly, you can be assured I will be freshly showered & wearing a light perfume *Please let me know if you prefer I don't..

I will always be suitably dressed on arrival & wearing beautiful lingerie beneath.

Should you like to have a drink first, by all means..

Then, well, the fun begins.... ;)

If you are feeling a little nervous, don't be afraid to say so, It's very common! Rest assured I am very easy going by nature & will do what I can to soothe those nerves in no time!

What information do you require from me?

For my own safety, all bookings require your name, as well as a mobile number.

This is simply for my own security & is non-negotiable. If this is a problem for you then our booking will unfortunately not go ahead.

I have the utmost respect for your privacy (and vice-versa, as you would have noted, I don't show my identity online) so please be assured your information is completely confidential and I will not share these details with anyone.

Please also feel assured that I will never call you at anytime outside of our scheduled booking, unless you have explicitly asked me too.

Do you provide condoms, lubricant etc?

I most certainly do. I always carry condoms of various sizes, lubricant & a few toys.

Let me know in advance if you have a special request for a particular toy or costume.

I also have Viagra and other enhancers for longer bookings. Just let me know when booking!

Do you provide in-call services?

Yes I do, however, different laws apply to each state. As I work in various states, please just ask when booking 

Do you travel interstate?

I certainly do. I am based in Melbourne however I travel interstate regularly. Please contact me to find out when I'm next in your city. If I have not listed your city on a particular date but you would love to make it happen, just ask, I am more than happy to fly especially, provided a deposit is secured.


What if it’s my first time or I am really nervous or shy?

One of the most frequent compliments I am given is how good I am at making people feel comfortable. My warm and friendly personality will set even the most nervous person at ease. Please be confident that I will try my very best to make it a memorable time for both of us.

What if I need to cancel or I’m running late?

If you are running late please let me know! I understand that things come up in your personal life or work can get in the way but please let me know if you need to cancel. If you are honest and give me enough notice then I am usually very understanding. However, if you cancel last minute and I get the impression you are a ‘time waster’ I reserve the right to request a larger deposit if you wish to make another booking in the future.

What is your deposit policy?

I have a hectic schedule at the best of times (I run a young business!) so I need to be assured you are a genuine booking. Hence, for all new clients I do require a 20% deposit, which is refundable should you need to cancel with at least 24hrs notice.

(Or should you prefer, be held as deposit for a future booking)

I have a business bank account with a discrete and nondescript name. Deposits can either be made via online transfer, which is nearly always cleared within 1 business day, or you can also make a completely anonymous over the counter cash deposit at a branch (Update: not all banks allow this anymore so please take this into consideration).

All deposits must of course be cleared prior to the booking commencing. 

Please note, In some​ instances the deposit may be less, or more (particularly if I am flying to you or traveling a long distance). I will let you know when booking.

Repeat clientele generally do not need to provide a deposit unless there is flying involved.

Do you have eftpos facilities?

Unfortunately, due to issues with my last terminal, I no longer carry an eftpos machine.

Therefore, please arrive at your booking with the full (or balance) payment in cash, and in an unsealed envelope. If an extension is requested & cash is not on hand, a bank transfer can be discussed.​

Do you have implants/tattoos/piercings etc?

I do not have any artificial implants/fillers/botox, anywhere in my body. I am a natural 10D bust. And yes, my booty is real!

I do not have any tattoos.

Piercings - just the standard type in my ears!

Is there anything you don't like?

Yes, there are a couple of things I do not enjoy or allow. Hair pulling or choking are the big one's. I don't get turned on by either (instead, I quickly get turned off) so please refrain from doing this in our session.

I also, like anyone, do not appreciate being asked repeatedly to do something which I have already stated I do not offer. If I say no, I mean it.

Lastly, I do not "party" so please do not ask. I don't judge others & I may still be open to a booking with you should you choose too, but please appreciate that I do not have any desire to share in your past time during our session!

How long have you been an escort? Why do you do it?

The best part of 10 years! (With the exception of a few breaks when I have entered into relationships - I do not combine the two).

Why? I enjoy it!!

I am a degree educated professional with a variety of interests, and I enjoy what this profession allows me. I love meeting new people, forging new relationship and believe it or not, making you happy makes me happy! I do genuinely feel greatly upbeat after an encounter which has left someone with a smile on their face or the comments "that was great!"

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